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Golf has recently become popular in Poland. We already have 12 18-pit golf fields.





There are twelve 18-pit golf fields in Poland. The fields are situated in very attractive areas ensuring rest as well as sightseeing opportunities.

The most important fields in Poland are:
1. Amber Baltic Golf Club, near Szczecin,
2. Binowo Park,
3. First Warsaw Golf and Country Club,
4. Postołowo Golf Club,
5. Golf Club Bytkowo, Country Poznań,
6. Golf Palace,
7. Klub Golfowy Modry Las,
8. Toya Golf and Country Club Wrocław,
9. Krakow Valley Golf and Country Club,
10. Lisia Polana, Pomiechowek, near Warsaw,
11. Mazury Golf & Country Club,
12. Sierra Golf Club, Wejherowo, near Gdańsk

If you are interested in golf, we can arrange a holiday involving only the game or combine your hobby with other activities for you and your family. Feel free to contact us and let us know about expectations.